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How do I get consistent work?

Why is it Important?

I have been coaching so many cleaning business owners over the last few years, and most of them ask me the same magic question: How do I get consistent work? 

Well, besides Marketing and investing in getting new hot leads which may be very expensive, there is a very affordable way which is creating an Email list. 

To get a new client is an expense but to keep them it’s already free and you have access to them.

When you book a new customer, make sure to collect their email address or send them a link to subscribe to your email list, try to explain to them why it is beneficial to join your list for example: Do not miss out on our offers and discounts! Get your Free cleaning list now! 

Give them something valuable that can make them sign up. If you have access to your customers’ email that doesn’t mean you have the right to direct email them or sell them your services or send them weekly newsletters they have to manually subscribe to your list. 

How to write an outstanding email?

1. Your email has to be specific to your Ideal client 

2. Make sure you use proper use of English, it doesn’t have to be fancy but make sure you review the spelling and language use.

3. Pick one day of the week to send your email preferably the same time, consistency is very important.

4. Automated and pre-scheduled emails save you so much time, there are some software that can help you schedule and line up your email contents in advance especially if you are busy or traveling.

5. Rotate in your content between special announcements, offers, discounts, blogs, reminders of other services, cleaning tips. 

6. Cleaning tips and hacks emails are super helpful to your customers and it will help them maintain their properties in-between visits {Be generous with your customers}.

7. Pain and pleasure points are very helpful in your emails (mention the problem and the solution  your company offers)

8. Always make sure you include a “Call to Action” and upsell your customers to book NOW!

9. Pitch an attractive headline like “Finally a Reliable Cleaning Service” or “ Don’t Miss Out on This Special SPRING CLEANING”

10. Start your email by Dear Mr. or Mrs. and end it with your own signature as an owner, your picture, links to your social media, your phone number and your website.


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